Like said we feel gaining insights in your Snapchat Analytics is quite important. Therefore, we created our own Snappy Analytics Dashboard which provides organizations new useful insights in the results and effect of their Snapchat usage. This makes Snapchat management and growth possible. Now organizations can focus on their management can engage with their snappy fans and customers.

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1. Management

Our Snapchat Analytics Dashboard makes its easier to engage instead of managing on Snapchat. All the data is being updated every hour which results in the most up-to-date Snapchat Analytics data. We don't want organizations do get Snapchat metrics manually or via screenshots. Do it right, save time and focus on engaging on your fans with our Snappy Analytics Dashboard.

2. insights

Also for the pioneering brands that we help want to know how good they are doing on Snapchat. Therefore, it is now possible to compare with other Snapchat accounts by industry. This way they know where they stand right know and what they can do better. Useful insights, right?


Without knowing your amount of followers you never know how well an organization or brand is engaging. Our Snapchat Dashboard provides the estimated total followers, the daily follower growth and you can even see how followers added you (by username, snapcode, deep link or add-back).

4. stories

Stories is an important place to share authentic content. To know whether your content is working or not, it is important to have these Snappy Snapchat Analytics. These show the amount of unique opens, Number of total screenshots, the Completion rate, and the number of Opens. All the important in-depth Snapchat analytics which brands need to make strategic decisions.