Many companies often want to use Snapchat and Instagram as a Marketing channel for different reasons. Possible reasons could be: Building audiences, engaging with the target group, creating new content or increasing the brand exposure. However, during our careers we noticed that companies often didn’t have the knowledge and experience needed to use Snapchat and Instagram Stories the ‘right’ way.

Our affinity and user experience with Snapchat and Instagram Stories gave us the special knowledge and experience about the channel. It gave us special insights which all companies should know and use. 

We are the Stories Marketing Agency for your brand or organization. Our only goal is to help business leverage the authentic nature of Stories and to connect with the younger crowd. 

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- Implementation

Starting right from the beginning is important to us. Therefore, we provide all the guidance and needed to get started with Snapchat and Instagram Stories. From the beginning to end we assist organizations to implement both business channels as smoothly as possible in their current processes. If necessary, we help organizations and brands by giving clear and specific presentations about the possibilities of both channels, by providing them help finding out whether these channels fit their brand and other implementation related snappy consult.


- content creation

We feel using the channel the 'right' way is only step one. The success of Snapchat and Instagram Stories as business channels depend on the content creation and commitment of the organization. Therefore, we help them by providing custom-made Geofilters, new concepts and campaign ideas, photo and video guidelines and other content related requirements and ideas.


- analytics

So Implementation is step one and Content Creation is step two. We feel gaining insights in your Snapchat efforts and time is even important. Also for Snapchat advertisements. Therefore, we created our own Snappy Analytics Dashboard which provides organizations new useful insights in the results and effect of their Snapchat usage. This makes Snapchat management and growth possible. Quite important to give your guidance for future strategic decisions.